Leftina's Story

Leftina's Story

Leftina's Story is a beautiful book about an unusual friendship, showing us how important it is to notice the small creatures we share this world with. The pictures are taken by photographer Desmond Downs. Thanks to a little lady praying mantis and a man with a big warm heart for a little creature, a beautiful story about compassion and friendship has taken place. This is a true story about how a little bug could make tracks of love in a human’s heart. The book is also released in Norwegian (Leftinas Historie), has its own soundtrack (You have magic) avalable at iTunes, Spotify and other streaming sites. You will also find the video "You have magic" at Youtube under the author's channel, Berit Helberg.

Here you can purchase Leftina's Story at Lulu.com by this link.

29 USD (229 NKR) + shipment.

69 pages.

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